10 Nov 2014

A rising star who should be on your radar is Filipa Oliveria. Her jewellery looks feminine and effortlessly beautiful but is based on 5000 years of craftsmanship that has been passed down from generation to generation with each piece being hand crafted by this age old technique. All collections are inspired by a history of Portuguese art and Filipa's own family memories, The historical inspiration, materials used and technical skill behind these pieces will mean they will become stable parts of your jewellery wardrobe.

Since starting in 2011 Filipa has released three stunning collections, Black Preciousness, Golden Honey and Strata. Below we will look at my favourite pieces from each collections.

Filipa Oliveira Jewellery Filipa Oliveira Jewellery

Filipa Oliveira Jewellery

My favourite picks are the the black preciousness studs.The contrast of the gold lattice against the black gemstone is really striking. These are studs that can be worn in the evening with an LBD or in the day if you prefer not to wear drop earrings.

These gorgeous long earrings are perfect for subtle drop earrings. I love the strong blue stone which will catch the eyes of those around you. These earrings have been inspired by crystal structures and which it give these earrings a wonderful contrast of organic and geometric shapes. 

Honeycomb insect inspiration is a long love story in the jewellery world but it's wonderful to see different takes and contemporary takes on this historical inspiration. Filipa has beautifully crafted this piece with filigree and honeycomb intertwined giving it a look as if it has been broken from nature itself. This pieces has fantastic wearability and uniqueness. 

Buying any piece from these collections will give you a unique piece of jewellery that encompasses history, femininity, and technical skill. We are also celebrating that Filipa has been shortlisted for the Brittish Jewellers Association Newcomer of the year award.You can vote for Filipa Olveria here! 

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Written by Odette Schofield

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