26 Nov 2014

Winter Nights Jewellery

Christmas is just around the corner and I always see winter and Christmas jewellery every year but I've never been a fan until now. Many people strongly associate jewellery with this time of year as so many people will open a piece on Christmas Day. We also go to so many events at this time of year Christmas parties and New Years, and we all want to look our sparkly best.

Recently we've spied some absolutely stunning collections based on the winter season and Christmas. These collections are inspired by the northern lights, polar animals, Christmas motifs and winter nights. The other wonderful thing is that many can be worn all winter long. I can't even decide which piece I like the most!
Missoma Sterling Silver Angel Bracelet

From the beloved Little Treasures collection. This sterling silver bracelet features Missoma's classic gemstone end stone in aqua chalcedony. Cool Arctic colours with cute Christmas cheer. You can also get this piece engraved with an initial of your choosing. £65.00

Deck yourself with this lovely little necklace. This is my ultimate in Christmas Chic. The pearl berries are a well thought out detail. I see this with a chunky knit and a Christmas Day must accessory. £25.00

This bear is so cute and cuddly. My favourite thing is that you can choose a huge variety of chains to wear this. So if you are a minimalist you can opt for a plain matching chain, or go contrast silver and gold. And if you are really a maximalist then you choose the chain adorned with a dazzling white sapphire moon and star.

This Sugar Plum Fairy Necklace is exclusive to Fortnum and Mason from Servane Gaxotte. We love how the mix of colours bring this piece to life. Charming and whimsical this will bring joy and magic for many winter to come. £295.00

Another charm bracelet piece from Astley Clarke. Diamond Pave is not only popular this year but also the perfect adornment for a snowflake. Wear on a silver chain with a cashmere jumper. £135.00

These little cuties look very snug in their little hoods. These are the perfect earrings for a lovely winter stroll and then sitting by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate. I would keep an outfit fairly simple with these as they are intricate but not too formal. £79.00

I think this just might be the favourite. The marbled white mother of pearl perspex gives a luxurious look to this brooch. This brooch makes me want to dive under a blanket and cuddle something. £35.00.   

Another piece form the Polar Nights collection. I just can't give enough of these lovely little animals. We love the how you choose between a plain chain and one with the extra sparkly gemstones to give extra character and glamour to your beautiful piece. 

Winter is a romantic time of year. Long winter nights cuddle up together, hot chocolates in cafes and thinking of presents to buy for loved ones. This is a lovely gift to buy someone and we love the happy expressions on the Lady and Gentleman Gingerbread. £25.00

We couldn't leave out this cute little fella. I love the cuddly blubber look of the seal that brings it to life. I also really the embellished moon and star on the chain that makes this piece as sophisitaced as it is playful.

This Fortnum and Mason Ice Skate Charm is so beautiful. The two tone gold vermeil and sterling silver gives this charm an beautiful texture. You can wear it on their charm bracelet or a plain silver chain. Wear at Somerset House Ice Skate rink! £65.00

Arrow Snowflake From Bloody Metal Mary

From the Winterspell collection at BBM. I love the originality of this piece and the modern contemporary look that this give to a snow flake. This make me think of fresh morning walk to work, clutching that hot cup of coffee. 

Long Midnight Star Shower pendant />

This pendant is the ultimate winter chic accessory. We particularly love the midnight blue colour enamel which and slender shape. This necklace will take you the boardroom and through all your other christmas engagements. Wear with monochrome navy to make this pendant really stand out. 
Jewellery Curated Author
Written by Odette Schofield

A passionate jewellery lover with a special interest in gemstones and three years of working with fashion and jewellery brands. Jewellery Curated showcases the best of jewellery trends and brands that you didn't know you loved.