27 Jun 2015

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Hoop earrings have really come in to their own this season. Inspired by seventies glamour they are reigning delicate and sophisticated rather than over sized and statement.Time and time again they come back into our jewellery boxes with a refreshed inspiration but with the same aesthetic.

As they re-surge in popularity time and time again investing in a more expensive pair can be a great idea as you will certainly come back to them over the years. Alternatively you can opt for something from a lower price point but perhaps a bit more daring and part of the seasonal trend.

I have never been a fan of hoop earrings always preferring studs or drop earrings. Not until this season, so much so, that I bought my first pair of hoop earrings last week. My journey to buying a pair of hoops started with me wearing earrings that had a hoop look and feel but were not quite hoops; these were a pair of Shaun Leane Hook Earrings. As I started wearing these regularly, the more and more I found myself browsing for hoops online and gazing at hoops in magazines. To top it all off, Jewellery Blogger Beanie Major from Indtl has been treating us to beautiful photos of her hoop collection.

Jewellery Every woman Should Own:INDTL HOOP EARRINGS

How can you not want them after seeing those!

So I thought I would go for something a little more classic but with a twist. Nothing too big and nothing too small. In the end I chose a pair of Dinny Hall 18ct rose gold vermeil small Bamboo hoops. They are very feminine with a lovely 3D feel and shape. I would wear these at the office and at the weekends with jeans to add a more feminine touch to my outfit.

Jewellery Every woman Should Own: Dinny Hall Bamboo Rose Gold Hoop Earrings

If like me hoop earrings are something new you can always try a more unusual shape such as my other favourite Dinny Hall hoops the cushion hoop.
Jewellery Every woman Should Own: Dinny Hall Cushion Hoops

Alternatively hoops which have fret work will equally be ideal for first time hoop wearers; like these Shaun Leane Cat Claw Hoops or the Missoma Claw Hoops. Both of these features will give a less of an impression of hoop earrings even if you choose something much more statement. These are pieces definitely for evening dancing and drinks.

Jewellery Every woman Should Own: Shaun Leane Silver Cat Claw Hoops

Jewellery Every woman Should Own: Missoma Claw Hoops

Anther style that very different to the previous pairs are these diamond hoops from Elsie Dray. A much thicker band and smaller diameter these hoops have been set with diamonds. Not only do these make for fantastic evening and special occasion earrings due to the size of the hoops, and how they tuck neatly around your ear lobe, you could also wear these in the day for that extra wow factor.
Jewellery Every Woman Should Own: Elsie Dray Diamond Hoops

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