15 Jul 2015

Spring and summer jewellery is always focused on holidays, festivals and weddings. It's colorful and fun and definitely for all ages. This makes it the best time to buy something less of an investment and more fun as the price points are low and the trends will change. We've had a look on the high street to find the best pieces to wear out and about this season.

Ultra Surreal Colours

Dusty colours contrasted with neons for an overall graduated look. There is something nostalgic in these colours and they often change appearance in the light. These paces are directly inspired by the love of filters in current photography and Instagram trends.

Statetement beaded blue necklace Oliver Bonas

Miana Beaded Necklace - Oliver Bonas - £22.00 - I love this statement necklace from Oliver Bonas which perfectly captures the ultra surreal trend of contrasting colours with a tonal overall effect. 

Ultra Surreal Pink Jacket Gem Earrings River Island
Ear jackets are definitely a piece for those in the know and looking for a more unusual twist on classic drop earrings and studs.

Folk Rave 

Folk Rave lends itself to the Ultra-Surreal colour trend mixed with a festival and holiday look in one. Choose mixed bright colours, tassels and charms for a nod to this maximalist look.

Neon Woven Folk Rave Tassel bracelet Oliver Bonas
Leho Tassel Bracelet - Oliver Bonas - £16.00. Another piece from Oliver Bonas this bracelet has the beautiful woven colours with the strong pink tassel to catch the eye. I particularly love the sparkly gem that adds a more polished look to this woven bracelet. 

Mixed Charm Folk Rave Tassel Bracelet Accessorize

Sienna Cutsie Stretch Bracelets - Accessorize - £8.00 - This bracelet is buys but beautiful. I love the bird with the turquoise beak and the mix of tassels and beads creating a look of items carefully collected over a long period of time.


3D jewellery is a true love of mine as there is a more luxurious feel to the piece when you touch it. Both these pieces have a tropical island castaway feel to them but are also overlapping with other trends such as ear jackets, pineapples and the Rio Olympics.

Statement Angled Horn Swing Earrings Asos Jackets

Statement Angled Horn Swing Earrings - ASPS -£8.00. I personally love talon and tusk earrings that give such an edgy look. They dip in and out of mainstream fashion every few years but what I love about this pair from ASOS is the more pyramid stud shape which gives these earrings a more hand crafted look. 

Midnight Jungle Pineapple Pendant - Estella Bartle

Midnight Jungle Pineapple Pendant - Estella Bartle - £18.00 Who doesn't love a pineapple even if we've been seeing them everywhere. This pendant is for those who want a more subtle look that the Folk Rave or Ultra-Surreal inspired pieces.

Split Rings

Split rings have been around for a while but are making a bigger splash this summer. I've picked out two very different ones to capture a look statement and more delicate look.

Oliver Bonas Gemstone Split Ring
Gold Aazo Duo Stone Ring - Oliver Bonas - £39.50 - There has been a lot of Oliver Bonas in this edit however they truly are a destination for affordable summer jewellery. This ring could easily be worn in the next season and although the gemstones may not be the most bold, the split in the ring gives the ring that extra detail. 
Moon and Star Midi Rings Accessorize
Moon and Star Open Midi Rings - Accessorize - £4.00 - We have continued to see small delicate shapes on studs and rings and especially paired symbols but I also love the more simple twisted ring in the set. Wear these together on different fingers for a delicate ladylike layered look. 


The wooden jewellery trend has come back into our jewellery boxes with the seventies trends. Both these pieces are from Topshop and use natural wood  patterns to capture the trend and an earthy vibe.
Wooden Seventies Ring Topshop

Wooden Section Ring - Topshop - £8.00 - What is most lovely about this ring is the mix of materials with earthy tones of that are gold and the brighter green coloured section. This is definitely a quirky piece and great alternative cocktail ring.

Geometric wooden necklace Topshop
Triangle Wood Necklace - Topshop - £8.50. This necklace is one of my favorite geometric pieces that I've seen in a while. The shape of the cuts and the  different grain directions bring together the rustic look with the modern world. 

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Jewellery Curated Author
Written by Odette Schofield

A passionate jewellery lover with a special interest in gemstones and three years of working with fashion and jewellery brands. Jewellery Curated showcases the best of jewellery trends and brands that you didn't know you loved.