30 Sep 2015

I love wearing coordinated jewellery and sometimes a little matchy matchy. So today I am wearing all Missoma and plain gold with white mother of pearl or diamonds. I thought they would pop even more with this classic purple leather envelope clutch bag and making a fantastic smart day look.

Misssoma x Lucy Williams Collaboration 18ct Gold Vermeil Cuff

This cuff is so different from my other pieces hence why I picked out for this bracelet stack. Many of my other pieces are super feminine but this cuff toughens the look up whilst still looking minimalist and delicate. 

Missoma Diamond 18ct Gold Vermeil Pave Moon Trinket  Bracelet

This is my go to for every day diamonds and nothing beats a grey day by wearing something sparkly just for yourself.
Missoma Diamond  18ct Gold Vermeil Mother of Pearl Bracelet

A more unique piece and very classic Missoma. I am a huge fan of doublet stones as I love the iridescent look of the crystal quartz fused over the mother of pearl. I also love the originality of the collet shape used int his bracelet too. 

Missoma Gold Vermeil Ring Mother Pearl Quartz Doublet

This is one of my day rings as it's not too big and the shape is also more classic than some of my other rings. It is made with crystal quartz fused with mother of pearl to give an iridescent looking stone. 

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Written by Odette Schofield

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