28 Sep 2015

A trend that I think you either love or hate and I have to say that I love it. Its stylisation is often accurate of the real-life pieces as many jewellers cast from the original tooth giving a somewhat eery or sinister feeling. For this look think castaway, tribal, aboriginal, native American, goth and rock 'n' roll all rolled into one look. I picked out a few collections which I feel capture the look and feel of teeth and tusks look. Many of the pieces featured below are form the same jewellers and collections but they are the best of the best of this trend.

This necklace is from Cornish jewelers Bloody Metal Mary and if you love this piece their website really is a treat. One of the few human teeth pieces I've seen that is actually nice making it my favourite piece from this edit. It is available in sterling silver or 9ct gold. 

This bear claw is such an elegant piece especially as there are pave set smokey quartz gems along the underside of the claw. Used as a symbol of power and bravery this necklace would make a fantastic addition to any jewellery box.

Tiny Shark Tooth Hopp Earrings Rachel Boton Jewellery Blog

Rachel Boston's collection of shark teeth jewellery is inspired by the idea that wearing sharks teeth can bring good luck and good fortune as well as great wardrobe update. These teeth are made of 24kt Yellow Gold Plated Bronze and the hoops are silver with the same plating. 

Rachel Boston Silver Shark Tooth Septum Ring Jewellery Blog

Probably the most unique piece in this edit. This septum nose ring is for the most daring of all jewellery lovers and probably not for the office. However this is definitely available to wear for everyone as it doesn't require you to have a septum piercing to wear. 

Rachel Boston Shark Tooth Septum Ring Jewellery Blog

Gold and Silver Tone Givenchy Shark Tooth Necklace Jewellery Blog

Gold and Silver Tone Givenchy Shark Tooth Necklace Jewellery Blog

The piece that projected the look into the mainstream. The double chain gives this necklace an added layered look making it one of the waist pieces to throw on top of your outfit. My only comment is for the price it is not made with the highest quality materials and may not have the longevity done of the other pieces featured would.

White gold enamel tusk ring shaun leane Jewellery blog

This ring is another statement piece that any body could wear. The white enamel gives the ring a softer look and the shape is also reminiscent of ivory or a talon but the 3D sculptural shape gives a high impact look. 

Dagger tusk earring shaun leane jewellery blog

These talon earrings are my ideal day to evening pieces. The all gold colour is super simple and the detail is all in the shape and movement of these earrings. They would also be great for any one who has a slightly stretched ear line piercing as the earring top will cover this and still look centralised.

Tada & Toy Shark Tooth Chain Bracelet Jewellery Blog

Tada and Toy are relatively new to the jewellery scene but have already made a big impact. Budget friendly and good quality materials makes a real girls best friend. This bracelet is stunning for its unusually "2D" take on this look which I think makes it look a lot less obvious as a tooth shape. I also love the use of pave since seeing on the outline. 
Tada & Toy Shark Tooth Earrings Jewellery Blog

Another piece from Tada and Toy. These earrings again play on the fact they are obviously teeth shaped at first. I also love the two tone ombre metal colours which has been very popular this season. These would also make a great hoop earring look for those looking for something more unique. 

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