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The enamel bangle is a wonderful addition to any jewellery box. Enamel is a clever and chic way of introducing a new material, colour or pattern into your jewellery. This is especially true as the enamel bangle hasn't dated but you will never see one featured on list of trendy jewellery pieces for the year; hence why they these colorful charming pieces make such a good investment.

There are always the same Jewellers and Designers that spring to mind when I think of these colorful bangles. So here are my top three enamel bangles to invest in.

Halcyon days was started in 1950 with the idea of selling antique inspired gifts. Halcyon days had stayed contemporary with its hand painted and printed designs. Investing in one of these enamel bangles will give your wardrobe a great colourful update. 

This enamel bangle is one of my favourites from Halcyon Days. It's a perfect update to the classic bangle design using the cord to give a more informal look. A must have for the contemporary woman. 


What I love most about this bangle is that it the design is hand painted giving a new twist to the classic animal print. This piece can be worn dressed up or down depending on your everyday wardrobe.

Anna Lou of London is a lovely British brand that is perfect for contemporary update on the classic enamel bangle. Anna Lou has stayed away form the more classic baroque style prints that often feature on enamel bangles and created a contemporary affordable enamel bangle brand for young women.

This bangle from Anna Lou of London has always stood out from the numerous enamel bangles designs. Grey enamel can be quiet hard to find as more designers prefer intricate and bright patters and with the Flamingo motif this bangle could easily have been a bright or neon pink. However this grey, almost somber, bangle is a perfect enamel bangle for those looking for something very different and unique. 

These stud enamel bangles are a snap at £35 making them great to treat your self or a friend. Their military punk style gives them that quintessentially urban city look. Perfect for weekend wearing, they lend them to be worn stacked high with other bracelets and they are available in lots of pretty pastel colours. 
Jewellery Every Women Should Own: Enamel Bangles Hades Anna Lou of London

I have loved this bangle from the first day I saw it,which is about five years ago now! Sadly Anna Lou of London does not make this bangle any more but I will never forget it. That name and those skulls; this bangle was the epitome of the classic cool style!

Hermes is the brand that started the look. They are the most iconic and recognisable of all enamel brands. They also really do have something for every one, from the extra thick bangles to the famous hinged "clic-clac" enamel bangles. 
Jewellery Every Women Should Own: Hermes Enamel Bangles

This beautiful big bangle is the perfect way to make a bold statement. The patterns of all the hermes bangles are timeless classic featuring popular motifs such as buckles, belts, horse bridles. This is the perfect piece to invest in if you are looking for something really special that you will wear time and time again.  
Jewellery Every Women Should Own: Enamel Bangles Hermes Rose Gold Clic Clac

Known as the clic clac this, one is for the label lover and someone not afraid of a little bling. This also works as a wonderful pieces if your name starts with the letter H too. These are a fantastic investment piece as they do actually sell second hand for not much less than the original price. choose your enamel colour, metal colour and the thickness of the bangle as they come in every single imaginable combination. I also personally love the flat sided oval shape these come in as they fit beautifully around your wrist. 
Jewellery Every Women Should Own Enamel Bangle Eperon d'Or Bandana Hermes Printed Hinged

This is the new edition to the Hermes enamel bangle family. I love the combination of the hinge and the beautiful print design on the bangle. The gold is plated and you can chose from a wide variety of colors to suit all tastes.The print design is fun, playful and colourful whilst also looking sophisticated.  
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