4 Nov 2015

I never thought I would love wearing such simple pieces gold pieces. My jewellery taste used to be all about the statement pieces and now I find myself drawn to really elegant and timeless pieces. Both of these gold vermeil rings are pieces that I wear every day without fail. I love that both of they are asymmetric and with an organic shape but both of these rings are so different. 

 This Dinny Hall Wave ring is definitely the piece I go to every day. It goes with all my other rings whether the other ring is a small band or a cocktail ring that is packing real punch.  

The other ring which is also a I find a surprising choice considering my previous jewellery tastes is this lovely ring from the Patrea Collection by Filipa Oliveria. I adore the shape and stylisation of this ring. It's as almost as if it has been plucked from nature itself. The asymmetrical pattern and rough nature of this ring are very beautiful and I can't wait to see how many compliments it gets. Filipa Oliveria was featured here in my blog before in our designers you should know about series. 

Jewellery Curated Author
Written by Odette Schofield

A passionate jewellery lover with a special interest in gemstones and three years of working with fashion and jewellery brands. Jewellery Curated showcases the best of jewellery trends and brands that you didn't know you loved.