28 Mar 2016

10 top jewellery blogs to follow - jewellery curated

These are my favourite jewellery blogs to read and dream at. All feature very different perspectives on the industry, different styles and are an inspiration to my own journey of jewellery and blogging. It's also very likely that if you are reading Jewellery Curated that you also read some or all of the below jewellery blogs but I hope you discover something new and wonderful. So in no particular order here are the ten best jewellery blogs to follow. 

Adorn London - 10 Best Jewellery Blogs To Follow

Adorn London 

Adorn London is a jewellery blog run by trends forecasting company Adorn Insight so don't be surprised if you see key pieces for the season first. I especially love their street style posts from other countries, their interviews with jewellery designers and their analysis of the jewellery on the red carpet. Keep in the know and stay stylish with Adorn London.

In Detail - 10 Best Jewellery Blogs To Follow

In Detail 

In Detail is brought to you by the creative and stylish Beanie Major. I am always ogling her wonderful jewellery box with her incredibly curated and minimalist but bold pieces. My favourite posts are always looking at the jewellery boxes of other creative women and the wonderful trend edits.


Gemologue is probably one of the most well known jewellery blogs. It's written by Liz Urla and the Gem Creatives team and is available to read in English, Russian and Brazilian Portuguese. The photography styling is wonderful and features absolutely everything you could ever want to see in the Jewellery world. I especially love reading the jewellery reviews which take you through well known classics as well as new pieces and rates the piece on design, value for money, show stopper, durability, craftsmanship and investment. Each piece is then given an overall Gemologue score. Also look out for Liz Urla's every changing and stylish manicures!

Love Gold - 10 Best Jewellery Blogs To Follow

Love Gold is an inspirational jewellery blog written by many contributors including Danielle of Gem Gossip, Courtney Trop of Always Judging and Natalie Bos Betteridge of Jewels Due Jour. Love Gold is another jewellery blog where you can pretty much find articles on every style, interviews with lots of designers and endless photos of beautifully styled jewels. 

The Cut  - 10 Best Jewellery Blogs To Follow

Are you looking for the perfect engagement ring? The Cut was founded by jewellery designer and consultant Kate Baxter in a mission to celebrate the individual and wonderful jewellery designers. They also offer consultations and recommendations to help find the most individual engagement rings. It's still a great place to discover talend and designers you never knew about even if you are not looking for a special ring. 

Gem Gossip - 10 Best Jewellery Blogs To Follow

Gem Gossip is a jewellery blog for those who love something antique, vintage and unique. Created by Danielle Miele during her Gemologist Degree and appraising jewelry for Walton’s Antique Jewelry. Gem Gossip is a jewellery blog that has a real personal perspective as well as being incredibly informative. My top reads are the jewellery Road Trip though the US to discover independant jewellers and auctions, show me your rings and the jewel box of Danielle herself. Danielle is also a contributor for Love Gold. 
The Carrotbox - 10 Best Jewellery Blogs To Follow

The Carrot Box is a jewellery blog dedicated to all things rings. It's written by Alice Matsumoto who 
has been regularly updating the site since 2003 so there are enough articles to keep you browsing for a very long time. As Alice has an allergy to metals she seeking alternatives and her current ring collection has 343 unique pieces in so far! All the jewellery featured is very original and crosses many styles and materials. 

The Jewellery Editor - 10 Best Jewellery Blogs To Follow

The Jewellery Editor is a jewellery blog which has a stronger perspective from the jewellery industry than personal style. However the amount of jewellery that I saw on the Jewellery Editor first and then on instagram later is amazing so its my go to for keeping up to date with the latest designs and collections.With 20 articles/product reviews being a written  each week featuring city shopping guides, bridal jewellery sections, watches, and my favourite window shopping section, there is enough to keep you occupied and up to date with the latest jewellery news 

Jewels Du Jour - 10 Best Jewellery Blogs To Follow

Jewels Du Jour has a focus on the fine jewellery and an industry perspective but I also thoroughly enjoy reading the "Top Ten" page which features post such as "Ten most expensive rubies sold at auction". You can also browse jewellery collections, books, US Events, the red carpet and don't forget that Natalie Bos Betteridge the writer behind Jewels Dur Jour is also a contributor for Love Gold

Bedknobs & Baubles - 10 Best Jewellery Blogs To Follow

Not only does this jewellery blog have an excellent name the content is also whimsical and charming too. Written by the stylish Jessica Hamm, Bedknobs & Baubles joins my list for it's personal take on jewellery blogging. The blog features interviews with designers, trend edits as well as styles travel and a weekend guide. Definitely a mood booster and gem to have found. 

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Written by Odette Schofield

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