4 Apr 2016

Numbers hold just as much meaning as letters and with the personalisation trend continuing to take the world by storm, now is the time to grab yourself a number pendent. Whether it's a age, part of date, an anniversary or just your lucky digit these dainty style pendants are a perfect addition to the jewellery box.

Lola James - Mini Lucky Number Pendant Jewellery Blog
Lola James - Mini Lucky Number Pendant - $150.00

This reminds me of the numbers that you see on the back of hockey Jersey. Maybe this number nine is a sports number, the number of your lucky horse or you favourite sports person. Perhaps it's the number that you play as in team sports

Monica Vinader Alphabet Pendant Number 7 Jewellery Blog

Seven days of the week, seven colours of the rainbow, seven notes on a musical scale. The number 7  is deeply rooted in superstition and serendipity. Could this piece bring you some of this good fortune or perhaps this would make an excellent token for a friend that is having a tougher time. 

Benna Crystal Number Pendant Jewellery Blog

I think of the number one in relation to a meaningful number rather than a lucky number. First birthday or 1 year anniversary. This makes a sweet token for a loved one to celebrate that one important year. Benna Crystal numbers are available from 1 to 9.

Lulu Frost offers these little code pendants in silver as well as gold and are inspired by Victorian symbolism to mark important dates and as mementos for special occasions. Lulu Frost Code Number pendants are available from 1 - 9 as well.

Another number which many people believe to have unlucky characteristics. Laura Gravestock are turning this around with their Lucky Number 13 necklace. A beautiful dainty piece I love how the tops of the letters are not joined together and it's available from 1 - 99 so there is no excuse to not find a number that suits you. 

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