Friday, 30 September 2016

Controversial and cool septum rings are being talked about a lot since many celebrities, such as Lady Gaga and Rihanna, have come out sporting clip on ones.

I have always wanted a septum piercing but as a complete wimp and with the usual parents saying "please don't get a face piercing" I have never had one. Not because I want to copy celebrities or pretend that I've got the real deal but when I heard that clip on ones were being worn in the mainstream and more places were selling them, including asos and topshop, I have considered buying myself one and even wearing it to the office.

Some feel this clip on piercing is controversial as it's a copycat or rip off to those who have a real septum piercing and it's cultural appropriation to people to which it's part of their heritage identity or religion. 

I also know that some people just plain don't like the look. A friend of mine with a septum piercing  is a waitress and had a customer say to her "You would look prettier without that through your nose" and later ask her why she had got it done. 

Obviously with this post I believe septum piercings, real or clip on, for all those who want them.  I personally want something sleek and simple but there loads to choose from. I've rounded up some that are sitting in my current basket.
Semi Precious Septum Ring by Orelia Topshop

JUMANA MINI. Gold Septum Ring - Clip
ASOS Gold Plated Sterling Silver Faux Septum Nose Cuff

Regal Rose - Gold Plated Brass Septum Ring  £18.00

ASOS - Gold Plated Septum Ring - 
Rachel Boston - Shark Tooth Nose Ring

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