14 Dec 2016

Toolally Jewellery - Jewellery Blog

Sometimes you come across a brand that's going against the grain and is doing something wonderfully different and fresh. Toolally Jewellery is the brain child of Mags Walker and the aim of of Toolally earrings is to inject some dram and glam into everyday life.

"When I first started thinking about making jewellery, I knew I didn’t want to do it quietly. I wanted my pieces to have impact; to be bold and beautiful with no apologies. So that’s what I set out to do. Toolally jewellery makes a statement. I want women to have confidence in their style, to let their personality shine through the things they wear. Our Jewellery Collection offers women a subtle way to add a little drama to their wardrobe. And when I see a simple look transformed by a pair of Toolally earrings, I know we’re getting it right."

After Toolally was featured in Vogue Magazine in 2015 stockists were queuing up to get these beauties in to their stores and the story hasn't stopped there.  

Toolally Jewellery - Jewellery Blog

Costume jewellery has been left behind somewhat in the last few years, with minimalist metals storming the jewellery world, however Tolally has stood out from the crowd using perspex and acrylic materials to create glamorous pieces inspired form sixties glamour. The posts are also made from Gold Vermeil which means that they should be kind to your ears and not irritate your ear piercings.  

When you move into the world of big statement earrings the first question you ask is "How Low Should You Go?" but when you purchase any piece from Tollaly you receive a booklet on how to work out what length you should wear? There is a brief snap shot below of how you can measure up these earrings. No matter what size you choose you will definitely be wanting to be wearing your hair up to show off these earrings. 

What size earrings should I wear? - Toolally Jewellery - Jewellery Blog

Toolally specialise in earrings but they have started to branch out to necklaces as well. You can browse my favourite earrings below and even more on Tolallys website.  

Pear and Diamond Earrings - Toolally Jewellery - Jewellery Blog

Classic sixties shapes are used in this earrings to create a mixture of curves and edges. The black and gold glitter perspex makes theses the perfect party earrings.

HRH Plum Earrings - Toolally Jewellery - Jewellery Blog

In all the Tolally earrings the contrast of linear and soft curved lines is perfectly balanced. I love the use of orange and light and dark pink. These would be great as lengthening your face and the colours used are non-seasonal so that they would be perfecto to wear all year round. 

Tetra Saffron Earrings - Toolally Jewellery - Jewellery Blog

The key theme behind these earrings is 1920s progressive modernity. I love the colour of these earrings of yellow saffron. These would look stunning with a simple LBD. 

Half Moon Glitter Drops Earrings -Toolally Jewellery - Jewellery Blog

Another classic colour combination of black, glitter gold and pale nude. The use of three different geometric shapes of the diamond, rectangle and half moon is a wonderful mix of eras and contrasted angles. These earrings are available in clips or with posts. 

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