7 Jul 2017

Want to be a mermaid? Jewellery to get your fins on.

When I was little I always wanted to be a mermaid and the revival of this trend has definitely captured my attention. When I swim in the ocean and climb rocks on the beach I'm always taken back to my childhood and this love of all things under the sea. Mermaids are such an ethereal and romantic symbol of feminism and the perfect trinket to allow yourself to truly escape back to more fantastical times. Here are 15 pieces of enchanting jewellery that every mermaid should have.  

An ethereal companion to wear to show off your love of mermaids. This stunning mermaid necklace is gold plated and on a simple trace chain. For the price of £19.00 this delicate necklace is an absolute steal.   

This colourful and delightful bracelet is features charms from one of the most famous mermaids of all time. The three charms include a little flounder, a star fish and a tiny treasure chest decorated with a crystal. This bracelet is made from 14kt gold-plated bracelet entwined with rainbow coloured cotton thread. As with all gold plated jewellery that you take on holiday keep it in tip top condition by avoid getting sun cream on it and preserve the ribbon colours by not wearing in water. 

A gorgeous pendent to wear on the beach and will surely bring a smile to everyone who sees you wear it. The pendant is in a lovely aqua colour and engraved with the cute words "I'm Really a Mermaid". This shell on the necklace is gold plated and the chain is also gold plated. This necklace is also nickle free. 

This stunning handmade mermaid necklace is from Jana Reinhardt's new collection; Rainbows and Unicorns.  I always love how much detail Jana Reinhardt puts into her pieces. Each piece is just as stunning and intricate on the back as they are on the front. When I look at this necklace I can see the detail in the fins and tail and her beautiful flowing hair. This mermaid necklace is made from rose gold vermeil and is also available in gold vermeil or sterling silver. 

She sells sea shells she sells sea shells on the sea shore. This cute shell necklace is by Lee Renee and for quite a small shell there is a lot of detail. The shell has a lovely three dimensional quality with just as much detail on the back as it does on the front. This ring is made from 18ct gold vermeil and features a fresh water pearl.     

Get serious under the sea glamour with these show stopping clam shell drop earrings.These have a gold tone design with glass crystals in the centre. With such a friendly price tag these are great costume earrings to wear to the beach in the day and also to evening outings whilst on holiday. 

Inspired by swirling waves and pin up girls this iridescent necklace is by acrylic jewelers Tatty Devine. If you look closely you can see the intricate detail which is etched on with lasers. Her hair also falls into the shape of a foaming wave. This is a great necklace to wear on the beach as acrylic is more forgiving than other metals, such as gold vermeil, when you get it wet to get sun cream on it.    

Name and word necklaces have been gaining a lot of popularity recently. If you don't fancy having your own name on a necklace this mermaid necklace is a great alternative. This necklace is great for someone who doesn't want to have an actual mermaid on a pendant as it only shows you're love for mermaids when someone reads it. 

A mermaid jewellery round up would not be complete without something from Claire's Accessories. These mermaid tail stud earrings are reminiscent of one of the most iconic mermaids in the whole world. The colourful and fun shape means these are a wonderful piece to take on sea side holiday. 

Another delicate piece by Lee Renee, this cute tiny shell also makes a gorgeous bracelet. The shell charm has as much detail on the front and the back. It's made of 18ct gold vermeil and also comes with an adjuster so you can set the length.

This gorgeous handmade shell necklace is the perfect under the sea piece to take with you on holiday. The shell locket is made from raw brass and the chain is made from antique bronze. The antique look and nature of this necklace, with the long chain and fastening, really makes it look as though it may have been worn by a mermaid.

This is a great personal gift or even a cheeky purchase for yourself. The dainty necklace is made from plated silver with a tiny shell and pearl charm on a fine trace chain. Choose an initial for someone special and make this is a sentimental gift. This necklace is less obvious than some of the other mermaid necklaces that I've featured, as the simple pearl and shell just give that mod towards the mermaid look.  

These sea glass pendants look as if they really could be worn by a mermaid. Sea glass is glass that has been naturally weathered by the sea. The sea glass comes in a either a turquoise blue or a pale green. Each glass pendant is edged in copper for a more natural look as well.

These scallop shell earrings are beautifully iridescent and reminiscent of a gorgeous sun set with the pink, yellow and red colours in the acrylic. Each earring also features a little pearlised glass bead. If you love these earrings there is also a matching necklace from Tatty Devine.   

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