10 Mar 2018

$ave or $plurge: Accessorize vs Annelise Michelson

This weeks save or splurge features two very similar silver earrings. Although there are still distinct differences in the organic shapes used in both of these earrings with a price difference of about £377.80 can you guess which one is the save and which one is the splurge?

$ave or $plurge: Accessorize vs Annelise Michelson$ave or $plurge: Accessorize vs Annelise Michelson

$ave or $plurge: Accessorize vs Annelise Michelson

The Annelise Michelson Sea Leaves clip earrings are made from silver plated bronze and although they look a bit smaller than the Oliver Bonas but don't be fooled as these earrings are much more dramatic on the as worn photos. With all of Annelise Michelson's pieces I love the fluidty and movement in each piece. These pieces never look as solid as they really are. 

$ave or $plurge: Accessorize vs Annelise Michelson

I love that the Oliver Bonas earrings have their own organic shape that is distinctively different from the Annelise Michelson more natural sea leave earrings. Described as silver toned polished metallic drop with a crinkled structure shape.

Between both of these pieces I do like the Annelise Michelson pair (especially in gold) but she is more famous for her striking silver pieces with their high shine and sharp look.  

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Written by Odette Schofield

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