1 Mar 2018

I love that with the $ave or $plurge posts that you can see two similar sometimes with wildly different prices. This time the price difference between these two rings is only £25.00 with one our splurge ring at £40.00 and our save ring at £15.00. Can you guess which one is which? 

I think what's always really interesting is not just the difference or similarities between two pieces of jewellery but how the difference in how the products are photographed. Often this is the most significant tells when you see the photo next to each other. 

So as you might have guessed the ring on the left is the £40.00 ring from Pandora and the one on the right is the £15.00 ring from Miss Selfridge. Let's get into the details about these two rings. 

The critical difference between these two rings is that the Pandora is made of sterling silver and Miss Selfridge one is listed as 100% metal. It's a similar story with the stones; the Miss Selfridge ring has a faceted crystal where as the Pandora ring features a cabochon aqua marine. The gemstone is a slightly more opaque blue colour rather than a translucent bluey-grey. When the overall price and the all-important price difference is quite modest, I would go for the $plurge ring at £40.00 from Pandora. With a sterling silver ring band, there will be no green fingers and who doesn't love a real gemstone?This ring would make an ideal March birthday present for any body celebrating their birthday this month as aquamarine is the birthstone for March.  

Jewellery Curated Author
Written by Odette Schofield

A passionate jewellery lover with a special interest in gemstones and three years of working with fashion and jewellery brands. Jewellery Curated showcases the best of jewellery trends and brands that you didn't know you loved.