4 Mar 2018

Stephen Webster Zodiac Pendant
I thought I'd start sharing the pieces that are on my absolute wish list and begin the series with something I have been coveting for years!!! It's the Stephen Webster Aries zodiac pendant. As you might guess from my choice in this collection that I am an Aries. Although I'm not a big believer in the meanings behind zodiac and star signs but that doesn't mean I can't love the symbology. With zodiac collections I often prefer the designs that wouldn't relate to my star sign and yet this has always prevented me from buying any of them. However with this collection I feel that every single pendant looks stylish and cool with a classic Stephen Webster twist.  

Stephen Webster - Aries - Zodiac Pendant
What I love about this piece is that although its £525.00 it's a chunky substantial piece of jewellery. The chain is a long chain and this is something that I've always loved and it actually took me a long time to wear shorter pendants.

£525 is more than my monthly commute but not quite as much as my rent but for a piece by Stephen Webster it's actually one of the few pieces that I could afford with some saving up. The reason the zodiac necklaces are less expensive than some of the other necklaces is because this necklace is from Stephen Webster's silver collection. Pieces from his fine collections start from £800 and go up into the £1000s.

Although I've seen these in person I haven't ever tried one on or held the necklace; I'm hoping they have a nice weight to them with out being too heavy on a long chain. They are made of sterling silver with yellow gold plating and black rhodium plating. The stones set on the ram are pave white cubic zircons and the gorgeous black orb is from black crystal.

Jewellery Curated Author
Written by Odette Schofield

A passionate jewellery lover with a special interest in gemstones and three years of working with fashion and jewellery brands. Jewellery Curated showcases the best of jewellery trends and brands that you didn't know you loved.