22 Nov 2018

Adjustable rings instantly take me back to my teenage years when you bought split open rings that you could squeeze to fit on your finger. The perfect size and immediately a ring that was bent out of shape? Honestly, if you're paying for something demi-fine, I don't really want it to move unless that's a design feature, not a lazy way to sell fewer sizes. However, as my jewellery knowledge grew and I stopped shopping for super cheap thrills, I learned about adjustable rings that used chains. At first, I thought these were really clever and innovative, but after speaking to a product developer, she mentioned that they slipped around a lot and easily loosened. I tried an adjustable chain ring for myself, and she was right.

I haven't thought about adjustable rings until a newsletter from Monica Vinader popped into my inbox "One Size Fits All | The New Adjustable Ring". I had to open it and see if they were the same design I was familiar with. Surely they wouldn't have released a new range of jewels that had so many faults. Low and behold....they hadn't. The adjustable rings looked different to the ones I had seen before.
Monica Vinader - Fiji Mini Button Adjustable Friendship Diamond Ring - £125.00
Monica Vinader - Fiji Mini Button Adjustable Friendship Diamond Ring - £125.00

The key difference with these adjustable rings is that the chain is fixed on one side, just use the small sliding ball to adjust the ring chain and switch your rings from finger to finger. I also know that the Monica Vinader clasps are quite sturdy so hopefully, it won't come loose. I also think the charms are slightly chunkier which probably means that the ring will sit in a good position and will look great stacked with other rings. Monica Vinader has made these more versatile and suggests that they are great rings for a present, as you don't need to worry about the size.

These adjustable rings are available across our Fiji, Nura and Evil Eye collections and featuring either white, champagne or blue pavĂ© diamonds - they’re the perfect piece to fill the gap in any look, adding some extra sparkle this Holiday Season. 

Personally, I like my traditional rings bands as I generally favour a statement cocktail ring over a stack of skinny rings. However, perhaps these have a place in a ring stack to add that extra sparkle for an affordable price.
What do you think? 

Would you wear these adjustable rings?

Has anybody worn one as I'd love to hear your thoughts?
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Written by Odette Schofield

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