Jewellery Curated Story

My name is Odette Schofield, and I am the editor of Jewellery Curated. In 2014 I started a job with a designer jewellery brand, and I knew next to nothing about jewellery. It hadn't been something that I coveted, and I hadn't worn much jewellery when I was younger. My jewellery collection started to grow, and I learned about technical terms and design and began to spot trends.

I wanted a platform where I could talk about everything I was learning and found that most UK jewellery blogs focused on really high-end pieces whereas I was watching the high street, runways and demi fine brands. Jewellery Curated is a place to come to discover brands you didn't know you loved, find out about the latest trends, and get insider tips to the next jewellery sample sales.

I love to write about jewellery and work with several brands and on all sorts of jewellery related projects. Get in touch if you want to collaborate on anything!