Jewellery Curated Story

My name is Odette Schofield, and I am the editor of Jewellery Curated. In 2014 I started a job with a designer jewellery brand, and I knew next to nothing about jewellery. It hadn't been something that I coveted, and I hadn't worn much jewellery when I was younger. My jewellery collection started to grow, and I learned about technical terms and design and began to spot trends.

I wanted a platform where I could talk about everything I was learning and found that most UK jewellery blogs focused on really high-end pieces whereas I was watching the high street, runways and demi fine brands. Jewellery Curated is a place to come to discover brands you didn't know you loved, find out about the latest trends, and get insider tips to the next jewellery sample sales.

I'm a firm believer of buy less wear more and especially when it comes to jewellery. This doesn't mean that you can only shop for expensive gems but love the pieces you own and wear them to death. The one thing that I hate is a jewellery box with hardly worn pieces in no matter how much they cost. I try to be honest and upfront with the pieces that I love and own myself as well as featuring pieces which definitely aren't my personal taste. I do use affiliate links so please check out the disclosure here if you have any questions.

I love to write about jewellery and work with several brands and on all sorts of jewellery related projects. Get in touch if you want to collaborate on anything!